Local Manager

Location Managers identify, from scripts and discussions with Directors, Designers or other heads of department, the number, types and sequence of locations required for productions.

They work on television drama, drama-documentaries and continuing drama productions. It is their job to research and assess suitable locations, negotiate contracts and payments, and present their findings to Producers and other decision makers.

They arrange reconnaissance visits (recces) to assess the suitability of each location, taking detailed notes and clear and descriptive photographs or video footage. They check with relevant authorities to confirm the availability of potential locations, and to ascertain the need for any relevant permissions and/or licences.

They assess any possible problems, including checking whether suitable local power supplies are available or whether there is sufficient space for any required generators. They also consider the climatic, physical, environmental and health and safety factors which may affect the use of locations. They identify any costs associated with the use of each location and ensure they are within budget.

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